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Washington Oaks State Gardens

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Washington Oaks State Gardens
6400 North Oceanshore Boulevard
(Highway A-1-A)
Palm Coast, Florida 32173

Washington Oaks State Gardens is a day use park located on Highway A-1-A about 16 miles south of St. Augustine. The park has two distinct areas. The area west of A-1-A and east of the intercoastal waterway is the garden portion of the park. This area has formal gardens and a shaded picnic area. The beach area is to the east of A-1-A and includes an unusually large outcropping of coquina rock. This beach, while not recommended for swimming, is a hit for people of all ages.

The park has formal gardens.

Flowers include roses and exotic plants.

The intercoastal waterway is western boundary of the park.

Yachts and large sailboats cruise the intercoastal.

Coquina rocks line the beach.

Waves splash on the shore.

The rocks are fund to climb and explore.

Low tide exposes more rock.
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